September 4th

Neustadt Scottish AleA bit of family history: my mom’s side of the family hails from Wiener Neustadt, which has led to her and my dad making trips to the Neustadt brewery on the way to Sauble Beach. I’ve never though much of the brewery due to a lackluster experience with their 10W30 I had a couple of years ago. (I didn’t know any better and was expecting a Coffee Porter clone.) But my parents brought me a can of the 10W30 and so I’m giving them a second-chance, which is only fair. Soph and I split a can of their Scottish Ale with dinner and I quite enjoyed it. The Ratebeer score on it isn’t great, so maybe it was super fresh, but it was a nice, hoppy beer. I had a tasty sample of the 10W30 on cask a couple of months ago and am hoping that I misjudged it way back when.

Victory Prima PilsBeing back in Toronto is great as I’ve managed to find some seasonal beers that didn’t make it out to London. Case in point, the Victory Prima Pils. Soph was kind enough to indulge me and we went for a walk to pick up a six-pack from the LCBO, then split a bottle while playing cribbage. (Yes, we’re 24 going on 80). I’m not a huge fan of pilseners, often finding them lacking in flavour and any distinguishable characteristics (and I’m not just talking about the Big Three “pilseners”). But this one had a good rep, so I gave it a shot. I was surprised by it’s hoppiness, to the extent that I don’t know who I would recommend it to. It seems like a good crossover beer for pilsener/IPA drinkers. It’s definitely a good beer, but I doubt I will often feel like parting with $15 for a sixer.

Neustadt Scottish Ale on Ratebeer

Victory Prima Pils on Ratebeer

Today: 400mL. Year-to-date: 730mL.


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