September 5th

bieropholie-imperial-stout-41558I knew I would forget my camera to take photos of the beer I drink, but I hoped it wouldn’t happen so soon. Especially on a night when I had a good amount to drink. It was the last time to see a friend before they headed across the ocean (again), so we started off the night with some champagne. (Note: other liquors do not count toward the consumption total.) Then a bottle of the Victory Prima Pils, which I can see growing on me more and more. Then a bottle of Bieropholie Imperiale Stout, picked up on a recent trip to Montreal. I’m a big lover of imperial stouts, but it wasn’t as powerful and full-tasting as I had hoped.

Then we went to dance the night away and my pint of Mill Street Cobblestone Stout cost $7! The tag line for this beer might as well “Like Guinness, But Cheaper and Better,” though not on this night. Okay, it was better, but very few pints are worth $7 to me. It usually costs less, so that was a downer. Still, I’m hoping the Cobblestone will take the place of their pilsener in the next round of seasonal six-pack samplers.

Bieropholie Imperiale Stout on Ratebeer

Mill Street Cobblestone Stout on Ratebeer

Victory Prima Pils on Ratebeer

Today: 1.15L. Year-to-date: 1.88L


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