September 11th

Durham Hop Head (cask)Bar Volo is a place that I have strong love/hate feelings towards. Their tap list is excellent, usually with a bunch of great locals and an import or two. They usually have three casks going, which is also an amazing treat. Their bottle list is also excellent, but really expensive, meaning that I often sit with my pint and look at all the beers I can’t afford. Even if I’m drinking a great draught beer, those bottles always feel mocking.

My hope today was to get a pint of Wellington Russian Imperial Stout, one of the greatest beers to ever touch my tongue. And it was on the board when I got there, but I was then told that it was all a tease. So I got a Durham Hop Head on cask, which was a great consolation. The cask was freshly tapped and recently moved, so my pint was full of delicious sediment. It was a perfect cask pint, with lots of hoppiness and no carbonation. Soph said it tasted like grapefruit juice (the real stuff, not pink grapefruit juice), but I never touch the stuff, so we’ll all have to trust her.

On a random note, I didn’t try her Nickelbrook Organic Wit until after I finished my pint, only to find the two to be a great contrast to each other. The hop party in my mouth made the banana and clove tastes really stand out. They were a greater counter-balance and I’m going to have to explore this pairing more in the future.

Durham Hop Head on Ratebeer

Today: 500mL. Year-to-date: 3.71L.


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