September 13th

Koningshoeven flightI love beer flights. They are great when you want to try three beers but don’t want three pints (or half-pints, if available). Or you want to sample something but the bar sucks and won’t bring you a taste. Or want to try three different beers of a same style (or, as I’ve done, compare three cask offerings). So when I went to Sin & Redemption and saw they had a flight of Koningshoeven beers, I was sold. The fact that they also came in three mini-Koningshoeven chalices was even better. Look at those things! SO CUTE!

The first beer, starting on the left, was the Urthel Hop-it. This was my first time trying this beer and one of the reasons I went for the flight over a single pint. It was absolutely delicious, with lots of fruitiness, but not as much hops as one would expect from the name. I would say it is hoppy by Belgian standards. It was very sweet, which might become sickening over a full pint (even in the 330mL chalice), but that worked to hide the alcohol. It was passed around the table and liked by the beer drinkers.

Then came the Koningshoeven Dubbel (or La Trappe Dubbel). In between two really good beers, this was a downer. It had a lots of smooth malt flavours, but also a really strong taste of alcohol. It probably would have been better on its own, but it lacked the balance and complexity of the other two.

The last of which was the Koningshoeven Quadrupel (or La Trappe Quad), another favourite of mine and what I was going to order before I saw the flight and the Hop-It. The first thing that surprised me was that the colour was not as intense as I remember. Maybe it was the smaller quantity, but it didn’t have the dark cherry appearance that I was so fond of last winter. But at least the beer still tasted the same. If imperial stouts are my favourite style of beer, anything that tastes like dried fruit and molasses is my second (see: Chimay Rouge). I really wish I had bought more of these from the LCBO, but at least I know where to find it on tap.

My companions for the night were Soph, her sis and brother-in-law. We were discussing that the only way I’ll get a book deal out of this blog (which is obviously what I’m aiming for) is to create some over-arching narrative about how beer changed my life. The third act, in which I get fired from my job and start making beer to pay the bills (because it is super easy to do and way profitable for small breweries), should start around May. Look for the book to be out for February 2011, followed by a major motion picture starring Demetri Martin as myself.

Koningshoeven Dubble on Ratebeer

Koningshoeven Quadrupel on Ratebeer

Urthel Hop-It on Ratebeer

Today: 400mL. Year-to-date: 4.46L.


2 responses to “September 13th

  1. I think the Koningshoeven Quadrupel was the one I had at the Bier Markt, but I don’t recall it being cherry coloured, so perhaps you were mistaken from your previous memory of it… they told me it would taste like bananas and caramel… and it delivered! I really didn’t get the dried fruit feeling… but maybe we’re talking about 2 different beers….

    • Probably is the same. My memory is fleeting in my old age. As long as you didn’t try that Dommelsch stuff that Bier Markt is advertising. It’s supposed to be crap.

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