September 14th

Victory Prima PilsI’ve had a love/hate relationship with my six-pack of Victory Prima Pils. Some nights I’ve loved it. Other times, like this bottle I had last night, I’ve found it a one trick pony. Sure, it’s got a strong burst of hops, but it can overwhelm the fact that this is a pilsener. It’s also possible that I just plain chose the wrong beer to drink last night.

I think one of the reasons that I got really into beer is the fact that is has so many variations. Looking at the categories on the right-hand side, I’ve already tried ten different styles in less than a month. While I hate to generalize a group of people, I think it’s true that my generation has a fairly short attention span. I don’t want to keep drinking the same thing ad nauseum and with beer I don’t have to.

Another great thing about having all these styles is that you can find different beers to match the food/weather/atmosphere/etc. When it was colder a couple of nights ago, the Koningshoeven sounded really nice. Michael Jackson (the late beer writer, not the late singer) wrote about the sociable pint, which is perfect for when you’re with friends. It has low carbonation and not a lot of alcohol, making it perfect when you’re having more than one with friends and don’t want to feel bloated. I really like the concept of the sociable pint because it can apply to many types of beer and emphasizes the bringing together of people, in a way that the British really seem to get.

That digression aside, I think the Victory was the wrong choice of beer for last night. It was late and I was looking to relax with a beer and some Simpsons DVDs. Instead of going with something less intense (the Paulaner Hefe), I chose the Victory and got assaulted by hops. It didn’t fit the mood I was in, so I didn’t like it as much as I have. Oh well, drink and learn.

Victory Prima Pils on Ratebeer

Today: 355mL. Year-to-date: 4.82L

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