September 20th

Lowenbrau OriginalSophie is currently cat sitting for someone and they have a Lowenbrau stein. (“Made in West Germany.”) I knew I wouldn’t like it, but it seemed mandatory to buy some Lowenbrau Original and make use of the stein. The beer was less offensive than I thought it would be (backhanded compliment!), but was kind of skunky. (Straight-up insult: at least I only had to drink half of the can.) If you’re looking for a generic German beer owned by a large, international conglomerate, look no further! That’s pretty much all I have to say about this beer, but look for this trend throughout the blog from this point after: I’m not a huge fan of German beers.

I have a theory that it is necessary to occasionally have the odd beer that is downright terrible. If all you ever do is drink really good beer, it will lose its luster over time. Every now and then, you have to drink swill to remind you how great the other beers you drink are. Think of it as a kind of sacrifice to the beer gods.

Lowenbrau Original on Ratebeer

Today: 250mL. Year-to-date: 7.52L.


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