September 27th

Mill Street Tankhouse AleWhen you’re seeing The Hold Steady on a Sunday night in a packed club, beer drinking is required. And though I probably should have been having a Bud or Keith’s (for the working man feel, obviously), I couldn’t turn down a bottle of Mill Street Tankhouse Ale. It has a sizable amount of malt, but is mostly dominated by strong hops and an intensely bitter finish. When I was first getting into beer, the bitterness was too much, but it has grown into one of the more dependable beers that can usually be found on tap in and around Toronto.

While there were a lot of people drinking macro beers last night, I was really happy to see lots of Mill Street bottles around, with an equal mix of Stock Ale, Organic Lager and Tankhouse drinkers. The first two don’t do much for me, but it is still really nice to see Mill Street making great strides in getting people to drink local brews. Maybe they’ll be gateway beers that open them to world of craft brewing, but it is still a good thing even if they don’t.

Mill Street Tankhouse Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 340mL. Year-to-date: 10.18L.


One response to “September 27th

  1. I will kick your butt if I ever hear you mention “I should have had a Bud” again.
    The BFF

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