October 1st

Scotch Irish Black Irish Plain PorterWhat a way to start a month: the first hockey game of the season and a couple of porters. The first, Scotch Irish Black Irish Plain Porter, poured with almost no head, but had a great aroma from the dark roasted malts.  There was a great espresso taste, but the body wasn’t too heavy. By the time I reached the end of the glass, there was a slight sour funkiness to the beer. Having heard complaints about Scotch Irish in the past, this wasn’t too surprising. As most LCBOs don’t refrigerate Scotch Irish beers, they have a short shelf life and need to be purchased and consumed quickly, which explained the disappointing finish.

Southern Tier PorterAfter a bit of a break, I continued the porter-fest with a Southern Tier Porter. There was a much more sizable brown head, but the appearance was lighter and almost see-through. It had all the usual characteristics of a porter, but tasted as if the malts were slightly burnt. This was off-putting for what would have otherwise been a respectable porter. I’ll probably try it again, but it is not a definite repurchase.

Scotch Irish Black Irish Plain Porter on Ratebeer

Southern Tier Porter on Ratebeer

Today: 700mL. Year-to-date: 11.53L.

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