October 15th

Anchor SteamThe history of Anchor Brewing is fairly interesting: originating from 1896, it was slowly fading away in the 1960s until purchased by an heir of the Maytag family. Since then, the brewery has risen to world wide acclaim and helped bring back a distinct style of beer: steam beer (or California common). Essentially, lager yeasts are used at the temperatures normally reserved for ales. There’s a whole history that I won’t get into because we would all be bored, but it deals with California and blah blah blah Wikipedia.

The flagship beer of the brewery is the Anchor Steam Beer. It has a nice copper colour and lots of caramel malts, with a good amount of hops thrown in. It is a subtely distinct beer, but one that manages to differentiate itself from the competition.

Anchor Steam Beer on Ratebeer

Today: 351mL. Year-to-date: 17.15L.


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