October 22nd

Anchor SteamFor me, the three or four days of being sick and not having beer was quite odd. Even stranger was that I didn’t feel like having beer. Such is life when you feel like you’re in the shitter. But Thursday I was feeling better and got that good ol’ timey craving, so I popped open an Anchor Steam.

Just as drinking a bad beer every now and then is necessary, so was my forced absence from alcohol. It was a good palate cleanse, making this beer taste fresher than it would have at any other time. As Anchor Steam is a beer that relies on subtlety, it was great to have all the flavours pop. The sweet, biscuity malt and citrus hops are so wonderfully balanced in this beer. A nice welcome back.

On that note, look for more regular postings this week, including a trip to the Mill St. Brewpub planned for my day off. I’m also trying to vary the photos a bit more, as per Soph’s suggestion/demand, so thoughts on that are welcome.

Anchor Steam on Ratebeer

Today: 355mL. Year-to-date: 19.62L.


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