November 1st

Chimay Cheese with BeerWelcome, November! To start off the month, let me introduce this tiny sliver of cheese that I discovered last week in one of the many cheese stands in the St. Lawrence Market. It is a very special piece of cheese and one I was very surprised to come across. Not only does it come from the Chimay monastery, a trappist brewery in Belgium that ranks amongst my favourites, the rind of the cheese is soaked in Chimay beer.

The cheese was part of a larger dinner involving a gouda with walnuts, homemade vegan cashew cheese and zucchini dip. The Chimay cheese was soft and creamy, with a taste reminiscent of onion rye. (Or so I thought. Soph said nutty.) Did the beer give lots of flavour? It’s hard to say, but it was still a tasty cheese regardless.

Chimay RougeOf course, we needed a beer to go with all these cheeses and, luckily, I had a bottle of Chimay Rouge (or Première) kicking around. This is a favourite of mine and I was excited to see how it would go with their cheese. The verdict: meh. They weren’t opposing flavours, but there also was not much going for them. The beer probably would have been better for a cheese with a bit more sweetness or a slightly spicy one, but I also have very little knowledge of pairing beer and cheese. This is mainly because I am particular about the cheese I eat (nothing too stinky, please!), but apparently camembert and stouts go well together, so this won’t be the last pairing.

Chimay Rouge on Ratebeer

Today: 375mL. Year-to-date: 22.9L.


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