November 2nd

In preparation for my big interview Friday, I spent my Monday night at a bar getting pointers and tips, swapping work war stories. Surprisingly, I was at Victory and it wasn’t my choice, but there were no complaints from me. Things were started with a pint of Durham Hop Addict. The name pretty much defines the beer, as hops are showcased in this slightly orange brew. It is good, probably really good as the hop taste seems to linger for just the right amount of time in your mouth, but it needs a good kick of malt. As my tastes shift more towards IPA, I can see the Durham beers as being reliable options when I’m at Victory and C’est What, especially when in colder temperature with a lack of darker options.

Next up was Neustadt Double Fuggled, which is their Scottish Ale on cask. This was not my first experience with the Double Fuggled, but seeing as that was years ago and Neustadt had recently worked its way into my good books, I have it a shot at redemption. (I was also craving a cask beer.) Result: fail. The beer was a muddy amber and smelled heavily of malt. The taste was not appealing, with an overload of sweetness and a terrible mash of different flavours. Just as I was warming up to Neustadt, they take a step back.

Even though my companion and I were sitting at a cramped bar, it was nice to release pent up frustrations with work. As much as I truly love where I work and what I do, it has negative aspects just like any other job. Sometimes you just have to bitch about it even though you can’t do anything.

(On another note, someone smashed one of our glass doors yesterday. People be crazy.)

Durham Hop Addict on Ratebeer

Neustadt Scottish Ale (aka Double Fuggled) on Ratebeer

Today: 1L. Year-to-date: 23.9L.

Two months down, twelve more to go! On pace to drink 144L of beer!


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