November 8th

Trafalgar Hop Nouveau 2009After sampling the Trafalgar Hop Nouveau earlier this fall at C’est What, I was quite surprised. This was mainly because the brewery has a terrible record for putting out vile products that turn toxic on the shelves of the LCBO, a reputation that had led to me never trying their beers. My curiosity in trying the beer was partially because it actually had some good word of mouth, but also because it used fresh hops that had been picked the same day the beer was brewed (and then put in store shelves a mere couple of months later). My bottle was purchased the same night that I tried it on draft and has been in my fridge ever since, just in case it wanted to get skunky on me.

It poured with a very thin head and had a thin, almost watery, mouthfeel. My assumption is that this was a by-product of the quick turnaround between brewing and bottling, as well as a lack of added carbonation. Once again, the hops were not dominant, but balanced nicely with the malt, though it seemed lacking in some way. It could’ve been the month it spent in my fridge or just that it tasted different in the bottled form. Either way, I think I’ll just stick to the draft version if they make another batch next year.

And do the fresh hops make a difference? To my taste buds, they did not taste as harsh or pungent as they can in other beers. Of course, it’s tough to make this generalization based on one beer, but I’m just saying what I noticed.

Trafalgar Hop Nouveau on Ratebeer

Today: 350mL. Year-to-date: 25.44L.


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