November 13th

Eventually, when one becomes versed enough in anything, comparisons will eventually crop into discussions. With beer, the lines are usually drawn along styles and you start asking “How does this beer fit in with this style?” and “How does this compare to [exemplary beer in said style]?” It can often be an unfair process, especially the latter part, as beers ranging from decent to good can be passed off with a simple, “It’s okay, but it’s no [exemplary beer in said style].” (Note: as with all other forms of fandom, mentioning a more obscure beer will get you imaginary cool points that flash above your head. +5!)

Which is my way of saying that I enjoyed drinking a bottle of Affligem Dubbel, but it just didn’t have the magical, ethereal qualities of other dubbels. All the parts didn’t come together in the way that a great beer can make you think it is copulating with your mouth. It just seemed tamer, which probably means it is a good way to introduce a beer drinker to dubbels, but not something to go to when craving excellence.

Affligem Dubbel on Ratebeer

Today: 330mL. Year-to-date: 26.48L.


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