November 14th

Life is a tad crazy right now, with interviews piled upon fifteen straight days of work. For that reason alone, some Saturday night drinking was warranted. The first stop was a post-work pint at the Cloak & Dagger with a co-worker. I couldn’t resist having another Durham Hop Addict. This one seemed to be darker than my last pint, with a more amber look. It was still really bitter, in the great sort of way that it clings to your mouth. This one pint sated my needs, at least before dinner.

After a not-so spicy eggplant dinner, it was time for a dessert beer. I reached out for the Sinha Stout in my fridge, also known as Lion Stout in some parts of the world. (Does anyone know why there are alternate names? Does the LCBO think Lion Stout is just too appealing to kids?) I was curious as to how good this would be and skeptical because the LCBO sells this for $2/bottle. For an 8.8% stout, this really makes no sense, both because stronger beers require more ingredients and this beer is coming from Sri Lanka. Surely shipping costs should make it more expensive!

So the fact that this is a really good beer makes no sense. It’s a little too sweet to for me to drink on a regular basis, but it has a nice body to match the flavours of coffee and dark chocolate. It was also quite easy to sip and didn’t feel overpowering by the end.

Durham Hop Addict on Ratebeer

Sinha Stout on Ratebeer

Today: 830mL. Year-to-date: 27.31L.


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