November 19th

Dogging on winter is obviously a popular past-time in Canada, but I celebrate it as the one time of the year when the LCBO is guaranteed to bring in high-quality seasonal beers. Even better, they’ve brought in a good share of their winter release just after their autumnal offerings, allowing beer devotees to stock up for the long, harsh weather that will soon be upon us. (Beer devotees = squirrels.)

Continuing on my recent IPA binge, I was thrilled to see that the Rogue Yellow Snow IPA was already available. It poured a beautiful orange with a lively, fizzing head. One sniff was all I needed to get lots of great hops, with some grapefruit aromas that are found in the beer as well. (Soph: “The white stuff! Not pink grapefruit!”) The bitterness at the end has a real bite, which makes the beer a definite sipper. I can only imagine your mouth would burn if you drank this too quickly. A welcome addition to the season, though one that shows how hard it is to find a great bottled IPA in Ontario.

An aside: two negative aspects that really don’t affect the beer. 1) The name. Presumably the LCBO partially chose this beer because of the name, but I really hate good beer with kitschy names. 2) The bottle. I love bombers (650mL bottles, in case you were wondering), but the design is atrocious. Yellow and red on a brown bottle? Go back to the drawing board.

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 500mL. Year-to-date: 27.94L.


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