November 20th

The past couple of days have been long (very, very long) and intermittently filled with beer. Yesterday was a rare day off for me and I figured it was about time I got my H1N1 protection. (“Just Say No” is not an option.) Then Soph and I found we had some mid-afternoon time free (that annoying time when it’s almost time for dinner, but definitely too early), so we went to the Victory hoping for some Durham Black IPA or Mill Street Roggenbier. It was a fail on both counts, so I opted to try the Nickel Brook Marzen, even though it is not a style that does much for me. It had a nice amber colour and decent caramel maltiness with a citrusy tang, but was disappointing compared to Soph’s Mike Duggan #9 IPA. I haven’t had many marzens, but it seemed to fall within the style.

Later, after a delicious Jamaican pumpkin roti, a delicious Fuller’s London Porter was all I needed before going out and dancing to some 90s music. A rich porter with tastes of chocolate and coffee, it manages to taste excellent while not feeling heavy or filling. Pretty much heaven in a can.

Back when I started this blog, someone asked if I would include ciders. While there is some commonality, I think of beer as a product of barley and hops, which excludes ciders from the conversation. So the cider I had while dancing does not count.

Fuller’s London Porter on Ratebeer

Nickel Brook Marzen on Ratebeer

Today: 1L. Year-to-date: 28.94L.


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