November 25th

I spent a good chunk of my morning making a Maudite stew, which was just a normal beef stew with Maudite used as the liquid. The results were mixed, mainly as the beef was not fall apart tender after two hours of cooking. Either my pieces were too big or the carbonation in the Maudite affected the cooking process (just a theory). Regardless, it used my last two bottles, so I couldn’t drink and compare, but I would use the Maudite again as the liquid component.

Later, Soph and I made some cold rolls, which I dipped into a spicy peanut sauce and paired with Rogue Yellow Snow IPA. Yumm-o! There have been complaints that the Yellow Snow is completely unbalanced, which I can understand, but I find this to be a delicious hop-bomb. It works best when split between two people, so take that as a warning. (And yes, I’m still sick. This is what happens when you read about beer – it just makes you want to drink more! Also, please excuse the well-placed Duvel glass. I usually try to hide the name unless it matches what I’m drinking, but I was in a rush to take the photo and forgot. Be assured, it is the Yellow Snow.)

Rogue Yellow Snow on Ratebeer

Today: 450mL. Year-to-date: 30.34L.


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