November 29th

Even though I was nursing a bit of a post-work headache to go along with my cough, Soph and I still made the trek out to Volo for a round. The tap list was excellent thanks to the fact that it was technically an event for the new Nick Pashley book, though things were winding down by the time we got there. My first order was a Black Oak Ten Bitter Years, served as a half-pint because it is a whopping eight-percent. Served on cask, the cellar temperature allowed for a wonderful balance between the first citrus hop tastes and the bitter, spicy finish. I can see why this is served in half pints, as it masks the alcohol quite well. Not only is it wonderful to have a double IPA in Ontario, it is great to have one so well made. (Soph, with her pint of Mill Street Roggenbier, was quite jealous.)

Then I was torn between the excellent draft list and the desire to curl up in bed, but eventually the lure of a Flying Monkeys Netherworld Porter kept me around for another half pint. (The two half pints felt somewhat emasculating, but I was proud to have made it there in the first place.) The Netherworld is a hoppy porter, but not to the point of being an IPA/porter hybrid. There was a nice balance between the roasted malts and hops, but the taste and feel didn’t compute in my brain. It is one that deserves another try, preferably when I’m feeling better.

Black Oak Ten Bitter Years on Ratebeer

Flying Monkeys Netherworld Porter on Ratebeer

Today: 500mL. Year-to-date: 31.34L.


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