December 13th

After the kerfuffle that has erupted on the interwebs over the Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12 (and 40) coming to Ontario in limited supply, I was fairly certain that this beer was not going to justify all the madness, speculation and hoarding. After all, I happen to think the (very popular) line of cask aged beers more common in Ontario, put out by Innis & Gunn, are not worth the fuss and price.

Doing my best to put all this out of my head, I poured and sniffed, my sense of smell automatically tingling at the integration of whiskey aromas. There is not doubt this is a black beer, with a tan head that did not linger for too long. To some, it may taste like an ashtray, but I loved the melding of roasted malts, oak and an obvious but subtle whiskey flavour. It was one of those beers where every sip gave different flavours: toffee, cinnamon, a hint of bitterness, oak. The Ola Dubh 12 definitely warrants the fuss.

(On a slightly bragging note, I was able to snag a bottle of the 40 today, along with more of the 12. Splitsies, anyone?)

Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12 on Ratebeer

Today: 330mL. Year-to-date: 35.95L.


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