December 15th

To me, dubbles and tripels are to Belgium what pale ales are to North America: every brewer worth a dime makes beers in the style, which creates a glut for the beer drinker to choose from. Most brewers play up some particular aspect to try and differentiate their product. (In Belgium, it’s usually imagery of a monk and/or abbey, especially if there is no actual historical connection. In North America, it’s either hops and/or “all-natural ingredients”.) At first it can be daunting when surrounded by so many seemingly similar options, but eventually you can separate the various tiers. (For beers like Keith’s India Pale Ale, you must refer to Dante’s various levels of hell.)

And all of that is a long, winding way of introducing the very average Bornem Dubbel. It has all the necessary characteristics of dubbels and exemplifies the style, though does not separate itself from the pack. It had a nice body, lots of candied sweetness (perhaps too much for some) and a small trace of alcohol to warn the drinker. A satisfying dubbel.

Bornem Dubbel on Ratebeer

Today: 330mL. Year-to-date: 36.28L.


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