December 24th

Christmas Eve has always been a fish dinner with my Mom’s side of the family and has always involved rum and eggnog for as long as I can remember, though the rum has only recently been added to my glass. But when intoxicated relatives are making the drinks with unknown strength and we’re done eating fish, I like to switch to beer. With everyone else enjoying the nog, I got the bottle of Great Lakes Winter Ale all to myself. The smells of Christmas waft out of the bottle with cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint or orange. There was some sweetness, but not overpowering – just a nice amount to provide the molasses compliment to the spices. When you’re with the family through the holidays, it is the perfect thing.

After that bottle, I had a Mill Street Organic Lager, a grainy, generic pale lager with little Christmas cheer. Mill Street can be truly terrible at times.

Great Lakes Winter Ale on Ratebeer

Mill Street Organic Lager on Ratebeer

Today: 1.08L. Year-t0-date: 40.71L.


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