January 5th

Sadly, most of my beer purchases are either planned in advance with some notion about the quality of the beer. A good amount of my money is spent on beer, but I still am wary about wasting a couple of bucks on something that might get poured down the drain. Thanks to various websites, it is easy to keep track of what is new to the bars and liquor stores, then find out what other people think of the beer. It is rare that I can find something that takes me by surprise, then taste it without having the opinions of others floating around my mind grapes.

But surprised I was to find some Heritage Black Currant Rye at the LCBO with no fanfare. (Well, the no fanfare part wasn’t a shock given Heritage’s rep.) My mind told me there was probably a reason for this, but my gut and taste buds were intrigued. Even while the beer has lingered in my fridge for the past month, not a peep was made about it – I was able to taste it without expectations.

It poured a nice ruby colour with almost no head. Faint aromas of tart black currants. Very little taste of black currants, with a wallop of funky rye and hops at the finish (allegedly to balance the sweetness, but there is not enough black currant concentrate added to make this too sweet). And for the final nail in the coffin, it was weak and watery. I also can’t figure out why they think this is a good winter beer. Very strange indeed. This is the perfect example of why my purchases are planned and researched, or else ending up with coloured water.

Heritage Black Currant Rye on Ratebeer

Today: 330mL. Year-to-date: 45.79L.


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