January 7th

Whew, I’ve finally made it to the better beers from the LCBO Belgian pack, this one being the Augustijn Blond. (Oh look, a picture of a monk on the label. That’s original. He’s even brewing this time! Because monks totally made this beer…) Label aside, this was a very nice beer. Lots of honey and candied sugars flavours make it an extremely sweet beer, but with a slightly dry finish. Champagne-like carbonation with a distinct taste of yeast. This could probably be used as a gateway beer for people who say they don’t like beer, especially as it hides the seven percent ABV quite nicely.

Augustijn Blond on Ratebeer

Today: 330mL. Year-to-date: 46.46L.

Soph and I are taking off to Ottawa tomorrow, so expect somewhat spotty posting over the next week (What ever will you do?!), especially as beer consumption might drop. Hopefully there will be a trip to a depanneur in Quebec to make up for it.


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