January 18th

I don’t really get New Year’s resolutions, especially because they’re usually something we don’t want to do – “2010 will be the year I stop having fun!” But if forced to make one, it would probably be to get out and drink more. The beer scene in Ontario just keeps getting better, with more beers becoming unavailable through the traditional retail means. Making the traditional excuses are pretty easy (“Ugh, Yonge St is so far!”), but it’s the only way to experience the true beer scene. That’s why I popped into Volo on Monday night for a quick snifter of Scotch Irish John By Imperial Stout that had been aging for a year. Time had obviously done it well, as the roasted flavours were really well-integrated and the beer was silky smooth. It almost felt micro-carbonated, with tiny bubbles coating my mouth with every sip.

At home later, Soph and I split one of her Gatineau bottles: Orléans Suzanne Marceau, an amber ale with maple syrup. Unfortunately I didn’t get much maple syrup, but a butterscotch explosion. Ack. This is what happens when we’re lured in by pretty bottles.

Orléans Suzanne Marceau on Ratebeer

Scotch Irish John By Imperial Stout on Ratebeer

Today: 600mL. Year-to-date: 49.99L.


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