January 19th

Thanks to some great fantastic releases from the LCBO, my fridge has rarely lacked something interesting the past few months. But now we’re into the true winter doldrums: those beers have all been tried and scrutinized, evaluated and analyzed (for the most part). Duplicates remain, though most of them go above and beyond 8% ABV and sometimes there is a need for a much lower percentage beer – the sessionable beer. That’s why I picked up a six-pack of Scotch-Irish Sgt. Major IPA – the fact that it was an IPA that came in stubbies didn’t hurt. Also, I don’t remember the last time a bought a six-pack, which is kind of scary (buying six of the Péché Mortel does not count).

The Sgt. Major pours a nice reddish-amber, with a quickly fleeting head, with a big pine aroma. The hops don’t dominate one flavour, but gave off tastes of both pine and grapefruit. The malts do a nice supporting job, leading to a tasty Ontario-made IPA. Who would’ve thought?

Scotch Irish Sgt Major IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 510mL. Year-to-date: 50.5L.


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