January 25th + 26th

This post is going to be a double header, partially because these two beers have been getting enough praise from me lately (but mainly because the days are piling up of each other and have been since returning from Ottawa). Please excuse me if this seems like a cheap way out, but just think of it as getting a free donut with your morning coffee.

Monday night was spent drinking a fine Black Oak Nutcracker Porter and revealed another level of depth: there was a nutty layer than hadn’t been uncovered yet, which just goes to show that drinking the same thing can yield different experiences. Then Tuesday I paired up a Scotch Irish Sgt. Major IPA with a brand new Wii! Video games + drinking = fun! I also realized that there are some different IPAs in my fridge, so a tasting night needs to happen soon (before I drink all of them).

Black Oak Nutcracker Porter on Ratebeer

Scotch Irish Sgt. Major IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 682mL. Year-to-date: 53.16L.

There was some increased traffic yesterday, which I presume is due to the LCBO release post (some of you are Ratebeer or Beer Advocate ratings whores – I’m a visits and clicks whore). The point of this blog was to examine a year of drinking beer, so I’ve stayed away from a lot of the other stuff (events, releases, dinners, etc) unless I was in attendance. If you (yes you!) wish to have more news post, let me know in the comments and it shall be done.


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