News & Brews

I’m still figuring out when I want to put up these news posts – I like Saturday, but Wednesday gives enough notice for those who are anal about planning their weekends (like me!). Either way, here’s the latest:

  • Bar Volo is bringing in a good amount of beers from Stone Brewing this Sunday from 2-8pm. No idea on price, but don’t expect it to be cheap (though probably not Westvleteren expensive). The buzz is pretty high and the beers have a great reputation, so it will probably be worth it.
  • Another one of my anal qualities is continuously checking the LCBO site when seasonal or special releases are about to hit the shelves. Luckily, drinkers in Ontario no longer have to worry about missing out on seasonal beers thanks to Drinkvine. The site allows you to track your favourite beers and receive notifications when seasonals arrive. And no, it’s not run by the LCBO, but by a member of Bar Towel.
  • Great Lakes Brewery have a new beer in bottles. According to their blog, the Canuck Pale Ale is now available at their retail store and will be in LCBOs sometime next week.

EDIT: Mill Street won’t be tapping their first cask night this Friday after all. Look for it to start on February 12th @ 5pm.


One response to “News & Brews

  1. I’d always wondered if a site like drinkvine existed…and now I know. Looks like a bit of work is needed to setup an account with ALL favourite beers and ceeBo locations but I think it’ll be worth it.

    Also looking forward to the Canuck PA in stores!


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