February 2nd

Perhaps the thing most mocked about the macro breweries by the beer geek is the use of the phrase “cold-tasting” in their advertising. Yes, LOL, cold is not a taste, but rather used as a way to dampen any tastes the beer may have. The colder it is, the less you get any of those disgusting traces of beer -it helps with the “drinkability,” or so says the big boys. But nothing says you have to drink beer cold and sometimes it’s fun to let it warm up to see what flavours are really lurking beneath.

Obviously Wellington Arkell Best Bitter is not macro lager, but I still wanted to run this experiment with it seeing as I didn’t think too highly of it before.  Unfortunately, it didn’t taste much better – lots of caramel malts and a good amount of orange, which didn’t really go together. A little metallic as well, making for a strange, unusual brew. Perhaps it was best left cold.

Wellington Arkell Best Bitter on Ratebeer

Today: 341mL. Year-to-date: 55.56L.

One response to “February 2nd

  1. I think you are right with leaving this beer cold (or maybe just avoiding completely?). Though I do not enjoy a cold bitter, there is something about this beer that always disappoints. Once or twice I’ve enjoyed it on cask but every other time it tastes like there’s something wrong with it

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