February 6th

A revisit to Duggan’s Brewery had to be postponed to Saturday after the late night Thursday left no desire to do it all again the next day. This time we sat in the pub area, which I didn’t know even existed. Definitely felt more low-key, but still classy. My first choice was the Duggan’s Brewery #6 ESB, which was disappointing. There wasn’t enough malt or bitterness to give it any sense of purpose, leaving it seeming like that teenager who hasn’t defined themselves yet. It was also watery and had an off-putting flavour that I couldn’t define.

Up next was the #7 Stout, which claimed to be a dry, Irish-style stout (i.e. in the style of Guinness). However, what showed up in my glass tasted more like a smoked beer than a stout. The taste was almost identical to Yves Veggie Ham, with some roasted barley notes in the background. It did have a wonderful creaminess that was very much of the style. We also shared a plate of the curry poutine, which was absolutely fabulous. The “gravy” was more of a spiced tomato puree, which worked well with the paneer-like texture of the curds.

If you’re a regular on the Bar Towel forums, you’ll know much has been made of their glassware. Basically, the glasses they use are smaller than normal pint glasses. The cost is less than most pints elsewhere (save for the half-glass of their tripel, which over five dollars), so it all works out in terms of money, but it just seems odd drinking out of a baby pint glass in a big, open brewpub. My assumption is that the oddly sized pints are meant to allow people trying a variety of beers without consuming as much, which would be an interesting strategy. I don’t really mind, except that it just looks strange.

If you’re heading down, Saturday night might not be the best time to go. With the brewpub closed on Sunday, they were out of both pilsners and the Asian lager was finished before we left. The #9 IPA is now also available in bottles ($8.75/4-pack). And yes, you do have to buy from a particular counter and leave out a certain door. Only in Ontario!

Duggan’s Brewery #6 ESB on Ratebeer

Duggan’s Brewery #7 Stout on Ratebeer

Today: 800mL. Year-to-date: 57.7L.


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