February 12th

Last year, Great Lakes made a bold stride in the Ontario beer market by releasing a Green Tea ale and having it distributed through the LCBO. I’m not quite sure who bought it (probably a mixture of beer geeks, the curious and health freaks devoted to green tea). Unfortunately, the beer was a butter bomb and a complete mess. This year’s special offering is the Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale, a West coast inspired beer that comes in a beautiful bottle aimed at tugging the patriotic heart-strings of beer drinking Canadi… uh, Canucks. And once again, we’ve got a butter problem.

Diacetyl, which gives off buttery aromas/flavours/feel, is a natural product of fermentation but not one that is wanted. In the Canuck Pale Ale, it is quite noticeable in the aroma and initial taste, especially when the beer is straight out of the fridge. The finish brings a strong dose of hops that destroy the unwanted tastes with lots of pine, but it might be too late to save the beer for some drinkers. Initial reports are that the kegs don’t seem to have the same problem, so find it on tap somewhere. It is still drinkable from the bottle, but I’ll probably stash my other bottle away for a while to see if the butter disappears.

Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 450mL. Year-to-date: 60.36L.


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