February 13th

Julie & Julia wasn’t my top choice for a movie to watch, but Sophie and I were going to spend Valentine’s Day at Bar Volo (look for the post tomorrow), so I politely agreed to watch said movie. But I wasn’t going to sit through it without a couple of drinks; that would just be sadistic. First up was a bottle of Duggan’s Brewery #9 IPA. As the #9 has become a staple at bars serving craft beer, logic says it would be nice to have the opportunity to enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. The theory is nice, except that this doesn’t taste the same from a bottle. There is way too much caramel malt and the sweetness overpowers the bitterness. Perhaps this won’t become the fridge staple that I once thought.

There was still a lot of movie left when the #9 was over, so I upped the ante with my bottle of Gulden Draak.A ruby-brown quad, it had a sweet aroma of cherry. The taste wasn’t as complex as many other quads, with a straight up mix of toffee and cherry drops. The yeast is prominent, with just a slight hopping at the finish. A little too sweet and missing an extra layer of flavours that would make it truly complex and rewarding. The 10.5% ABV is hidden well, but only by a lot of sugar. The Tastes of Belgium gift pack is definitely getting a pass next year.

Duggan’s Brewery #9 IPA on Ratebeer

Gulden Draak on Ratebeer

Today: 670mL. Year-to-date: 61.03L.


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