News & Brews

A slow week in the Ontario beer scene, but the quality makes up for the quantity.

  • There was a slight teaser about the St. Ambroise Imperiale Stout Russe on Monday and I’m happy to say that it will be coming to the LCBO sometime in March. It’s a pricey brew (my bottle was $6 in Gatineau), but I’ll be picking up one or two more. Hopefully the LCBO will be able to charge a bit less thanks to buying in bulk.
  • For those who complain that Toronto always gets the beer dinners, the Golden Kiwi Pub & Grill in Cambridge is having an F & M dinner on February 27th. $47 plus taxes.
  • Mill Street will be tapping an extra-hoppy cask version of their Tankhouse this Friday, starting at 5p.m.
  • And a last-minute news item, there is a Gouden Carolus beer dinner happening at the Monk’s Table this coming Monday, February 22nd. Three Gouden Carolus beers for $22 and the complete menu can be found in this Bar Towel thread. I’ve been meaning to check out the Monk’s Table for some time and will head up soon in hope of finding some Cuvee Van de Keizer.

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