February 19th

Friday was an oddly lovely February day, with the sun shining and a cool breeze that almost makes you think Spring is around the corner, patios will soon be open and wheat beers will be in season. Having the day off, I ran an errand or two then headed down to the Mill Street Brewpub for the second week of their Friday Cask Night. On this day, the Mill Street Tankhouse got the cask treatment with a good dose of dry-hopping, leading to a beast known as Tankenstein (and yes, that’s the cask in the photo). It was quite obvious from the look of it that the Tankhouse recipe was quite altered. Gone was the usual beautifully clear amber beer, replaced by something that looked like muddy apple cider (mmmm, unfiltered dry hops and yeast!) . A more delicate hoppy aroma rose from the beer, yet with greater complexity than normal.

Though not the nicest beer to look at, the taste was fantastic. Instead of having a strong bitter wallop, the Tankenstein featured more flavourful hops which imparted a heavy grapefruit taste. It didn’t seem like the malts had been changed, so the beer was now tasting more like an IPA than an American pale ale. There still was a decent amount of bitterness in the finish, but it was the citrus flavours that kept me coming back for more. If they ever bring this back, I am there.

I was tempted to go for another round, but thought I should retry the Mill Street Chocolate Imperial Stout to see if the vomit smell was just a bad batch. This one was served through a nitro tap, making it a creamy beast (some people love the nitro, some hate it – my view is simply that it changes the beer, sometimes for better or worse. How’s that for a neutral opinion?). The texture was really interesting, somewhat akin to melted ice cream. The chocolate really came through this time, with a lot of vanilla in the nose. This would make a killer float with some vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, I still got a funky taste sometimes, which seemed to be how the hops reacted with the chocolate. In this case, I give the nitro a thumbs up, the beer a question mark.

Mill Street Chocolate Imperial Stout on Ratebeer

Mill Street Tankenstein on Ratebeer

Today: 1.05L. Year-to-date: 64.06L.

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