February 20th

Saturday night was a chance for redemption for two beers. This was a bit of a risky manoeuver, as it was possible that I would have two duds on my hands. The first beer to run through the gauntlet was the Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale, trying to make me forget about the buttery bottle I had last week. Unfortunately, I still got a good amount of butter, though not as much as the first time (though it is possible that I’m just getting used to it, which is a terrible thought). I bought a third bottle last week hoping that it came from a different batch. If you’re reading this right now and questioning my sanity (and no, you wouldn’t be the first), you may be wondering why I keep spending good money on shoddy beer. Well, this is how desperate I am for a quality, Ontario-made pale ale to drink at home. Yes, I could just drink Black Oak all the time, but a gentleman likes to differ things up now and then.

Speaking of beer styles that are lacking from Ontario brewers, the second beer looking to get back into my good graces was the Duggan’s Brewery #9 IPA. While it is a fantastic product on tap, the bottles fail to capture the magic. Somehow the caramel flavours and bitterness don’t meld together in the same way, leaving a jumbled taste. Luckily, these were only available in four-packs.

Duggan’s Brewery #9 IPA on Ratebeer

Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 740mL. Year-to-date: 64.8L.

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