February 22nd

On Monday, I survived going to kindergarten to do some outreach for work and felt a deserved some celebratory beers at night. Starting with a Scotch-Irish Sgt. Major IPA was more to pair with my pesto dinner and because I really wanted an IPA. Someone from Scotch-Irish replied in a Bar Towel thread recently that they’ve taken significant steps to make sure they are bottling the best possible beer and, based on my batch of Sgt. Major, things have improved vastly. A really well balanced IPA with lots of citrus flavours, finishing with a well balanced mixed of bitterness and malts.

I remember first buying a bottle of Fuller’s Vintage Ale a couple of years ago and being amazed by the concept. A limited edition beer meant to be aged! Costs more than five dollars! Comes in a box! The magic has gone, so much so that I almost didn’t buy this edition (and yes, every year is a new recipe). A main reason for this is that I lack a proper place for aging beers and the Fuller’s Vintage are usually pretty potent when they’re young.

This year is no exception, with a lot of hot alcohol flavours evident right off the bat. Sweetness is the most defining characteristic, with a lot of caramel and a hint of fruitiness. A slightly hoppy finish, but there is a lack of bitterness that would help tone down all the sugars. As the beer warms up, the alcohol takes over and gives a strong herbal characteristic. Definitely too young, but not showing enough promise to seem like a good beer for cellaring.

Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2009 on Ratebeer

Scotch-Irish Sgt. Major IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 740mL. Year-to-date: 65.54L.

Hey look, links! It was a slow news week, so the few little bites are going at the end of the post rather than getting their own.

  • The latest CASK! Social is happening this Saturday afternoon at the Granite Brewpub from 3-6pm. Essentially, you get together with like minded folks, drink cask beer and… well, that’s about it. (Or so I’ve been told. I work almost every Saturday, so I can never attend.)
  • The Spring release is starting to hit LCBO shelves. Well, at least the Rogue Brutal Bitter is… at one location. Still counts!

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