February 23rd

Beer and sports have a strong cultural link, probably because years of advertising have forever coupled them as uber-masculine activities. And while I was enjoying a fine craft beer during the Men’s Canada vs. Germany hockey game, I like to tell myself that this was merely because I enjoy both beer and hockey. Pairing them is only logical: why shouldn’t I put together two activities that I enjoy? (Yes, drinking is now an activity.) Perhaps I should have been drinking a Canadian-made brew, but my drinking choices are egalitarian and the Rogue Brutal Bitter is too good to just have hanging around. (And it’s not like it was a German beer!)

The Brutal Bitter now seems to be making yearly appearances at the LCBO, this year coming in as part of the Spring release. The bottle calls it an imperial bitter, but the ABV is a relatively mild 6.6%. Pours a hazy orange with a fizzy, diminishing head. Bready, caramel malts battle at  the beginning with grapefruit, but then the bitterness takes over for a fine finish. It tastes excellent from beginning to finish, though no part dominates (even the bitterness at the finish is a bit subdued). I think the bomber size is excellent for this beer – I crave that little extra when drinking this. What better praise than that? (For the record, I was working for most of the Canada vs. Russia game last night, but enjoyed some Irish whiskey during the third period. What a spectacular game, especially when followed by the gold and silver in bobsleigh.)

Rogue Brutal Bitter on Ratebeer

Today: 650mL. Year-to-date: 66.19L.


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