February 25th

There’s a part of me that wishes for the Olympics right now so I don’t waste anymore of my afternoons off by watching a nail-biter Women’s semifinal curling game and drinking Unibroue Trois Pistoles. It’s fine to do every once and a while, but it should feel like a luxury. Though, as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, it’s nice change to be cheering for a winning team. Regardless, the curling was great, as was the Trois Pistoles. It poured a lovely dark ruby-brown colour, with the lovely aroma of dark fruit hitting my nose a good meter away from the glass. The tastes were a superb mix of cherries, raisins, dark malts and that wonderfully spicy Unibroue yeast. The mouthfeel was a little slick and syrupy, but that’s only a small complaint to a fantastic beer. I had always thought of it as the unappreciated Unibroue product, but it now seems to be the top ranked Unibroue beer on Ratebeer.

Then later in the night, Soph and I shared another bottle from the Gatineau stash, an Au Maître Brasseur Cuvée de L’Artisans. We weren’t really sure what to expect from this beer, an 8% ABV fruit beer brewed with blackberries and champagne yeast.The aroma was a bit like gueuze, with some vinegar and a bit of horse blanket. Unfortunately, the taste was rather bland. A bit of sweet, grainy malts, some yeast and funk, but no blackberries or depth. Pass.

Au Maître Brasseur Cuvée de L’Artisans on Ratebeer

Unibroue Trois Pistoles on Ratebeer

Today: 590mL. Year-to-date: 66.78L.


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