News & Brews

At first it seemed like this week was going to bring no news from the world of beer, but there have been a rash of private orders available for Ontario residents, so let’s get to them:

  • I mentioned a while back that HMH Negotiants were now representing Les Trois Mousquetaires in Ontario and was hoping for a private order soon. That wish has come true, though only for the Grand Cuvée Doppelbock. If you’re crying about the lack of bocks in the LCBO Spring release, look no further than this.
  • The first of two private orders from Roland and Russell brings Les Brasseurs de Gayant. Ordering some French biere de garde is tempting. Details here.
  • The other R+R order is for the Meantime brewery from England. An IPA and some porters. Check it out.
  • Mike Duggan is at the Only Cafe this Sunday, March 7th and he’s talking about water. Seriously. $25.

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