News & Brews

Every week I’m like, “Hmm, guess there’s not enough for the news round-up,” then BAM! lots of items. Sorry it’s so Toronto-centric, but such is life. On with the bullets!

  • Bar Volo does back-to-back tasting nights this week, with a Denison’s night happening this evening (featuring the weiss, dunkel and a dunkel-weiss mix) and an Ontario Cask Imperial Stout on Friday (Wellington Imperial, Grand River Russian Gun, Scotch-Irish John By and Mill Street Chocolate). If you can’t find something in there you like, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog.
  • Also happening tonight, Great Lakes Project XX. To celebrate International Women’s Day, the ladies of Great Lakes have taken over the Project X this month with an American IPA and hefe-weiss. $10.
  • The Drake Hotel hosts an eco beer tasting this Monday in support of the Ontario Greenbelt. Local breweries will be on hand and it will be hosted by Kevin Brauch.
  • And next Wednesday The Monk’s Table will be hosting a stout stand-off to determine what stout they’ll put on tap next year. If you insist on drinking Irish stouts on St. Patrick’s day, look no further.

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