March 14th

Whew, I’m going to make this a quick one (as opposed to all of those long essays I’m know for writing). The Railway City Dead Elephant Ale is a definite pass in the Spring release. Apparently this is an IPA, though some say an American pale ale, but don’t be fooled either way: this is a malt-bomb. Lots of orange in the aroma, almost overbearingly so. Loads of fruity, caramel flavours followed by a mildly bitter finish. There’s just way too much sweetness in the brew and it really neutralizes the hops. It will still be appealing to some drinkers out there, but weather your expectations. And now the Spring release is at a 50% success rate.

Railway City Dead Elephant Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 500mL. Year-to-date: 73.55L.


2 responses to “March 14th

  1. Funny I got the sweet at the beginning of this one but got some nice hits of hops in the middle and end. Balanced out nice.

    • Yeah, I think it’s a love/hate beer, same with the Hog’s Back (still not sure if I’ll try that one)

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