News & Brews

Ah, finally some news for everyone living outside of Toronto!

  • Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale will now be available in four packs of 600mL bottles. Not only does the packaging look absolutely beautiful, the $15.60 price is much better than the $7.65 for the old 750mL ceramic bottles. These are already available at a couple of Ottawa LCBOs and should be appearing throughout the rest of the province this week. I imagine there will be a lot of curious beer drinkers buying this simply based on the look of it. (Much like those three guys I saw at Summerhill debating whether or not to split a bottle of the Ola Dubh 40.)
  • In other exciting news, Creemore’s Kellerbier will be making a triumphant return this May 1st. I had a ridiculously hard time finding it in London last summer, so I’m looking forward to having it in more consistent supply. And just like that, the Summer is already looking great.
  • Great Canadian Pubs and Beer has scooped everyone again. Head on over for details on a bunch of new mix-packs about to hit shelves from Mill Street (Lemon Tea seasonal!), Muskoka and Cameron’s.
  • CASK! Toronto and the Granite Brewery are teaming up on April 24th for a beer dinner in support of Prostate Cancer Canada. Four-course dinner, cask beers and a righteous feeling of doin’ good, all for $65. Full details at The Bar Towel.
  • I don’t read much news about American brewers (unless they’re coming to Canada, which is rare), but I was happy to see that Lagunitas Brewing will be releasing a Wilco-inspired beer this month (I do not believe claims that it is not a reference to the band.) My next trip to the States cannot come soon enough.

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a big deal to me as it goes against the craft beer manifesto of drinking better and drinking less, but I will be heading out after work tonight (assuming I can get into a bar. That’s another thing I hate – waiting in line for the privilege of drinking in a noisy bar. God, I’m old.) If you are also going out, make sure you’re not drinking and driving. I feel quite attached to you, dear reader.


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