March 19th

It has now been so long since I’ve had Duggan’s #9 IPA on tap that I’ve forgotten what it truly tastes like. This bottle was probably the best that I’d had out of my four-pack, with a lot of grapefruit up-front and a strong, bitter finish. The caramel malt sweetness was still a touch too strong, but I at least enjoyed this bottle. Hopefully these issues will be sorted out as they bottle more batches.

In Duggan’s Brewery news, they will soon be switching to 275mL bottle sizes. I fully support their smaller pint glasses, but this is a curious move that I don’t quite understand. I always felt odd drinking from the old Mill Street Organic bottles and thought they were a little dainty (not a word you see often in the beer world). It’s a head scratcher. And there’s also a bock currently available at the brewpub, which has received steady reviews so far.

Duggan’s Brewery #9 IPA on Ratebeer

Today: 341mL. Year-to-date: 74.69L.


One response to “March 19th

  1. I to am not a fan of the smaller bottle. I think you described it well. Something just feels off. Funny thing is that I don’t get the same feeling from some of the smaller Belgian beers

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