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Most craft beer drinkers in Ontario would probably agree that it has taken sometime for fine beers to really take off in this province. While the past couple of years have seen lots of giant steps forward in terms of availability through bars, the LCBO, private ordering, more brewpubs and breweries, the latest trend has been blogging. That’s not to say that blogs are suddenly trendy, but the past six months have seen a lot more Ontario-based beer blogs starting to spread the word. Here the new blogs you should be reading (as well as this one. Please don’t stop reading this one):

  • Hops, Sticks and Junk. If you like looking beyond the borders of Ontario, this is the place for you. (Wait, there’s life outside of Ontario? And Toronto isn’t a province? My world has been turned upside down.) There is still some local flavour, but also a strong focus on the trends happening around the world in regards to craft beer.
  • The Libeerian. Ah, my vocational brother. The posts are sadly lacking in frequency, but that is to be expected when one is also getting their Masters (and yes, you need a Masters degree to be a librarian. Please save your jokes). Intelligent musings on the world of beer with some solid comedy makes a winning combination. Proof that beer snobs can also have a sense of humour.
  • Milos’ So Many Beers, So Little Time. The non-Toronto contingent is written by Milos, manager of Chancey Smith’s in London (coincidentally where I will be tomorrow night). Recommended if you’re a fan of sticking it to the man (and in this case, the man=macro beer companies).
  • One Beer at a Time. What do you get when a beer drinker watches Julie vs. Julia? A blog about drinking a different beer for each day of the year. That in itself is an impressive feat, but it is the constant blogging while not sacrificing quality writing that draws the most kudos. Also a nice spot to learn about those beers who always see on the shelves but never want to risk buying (I’m looking at you, Spitfire).
  • Toronto Beer Blog. This blog I consider to be our “insider,” as it is written by a bartender at Castro’s Lounge. Lots of beer reviews, as well as events and breweries from around the GTA. And stream-of-consciousness humour. Ah, now you’re intrigued.

There are probably more upstarts in the blogosphere and if I missed you it’s because I was unaware. Please leave a comment so I can start reading your fine blog. And get reading!


2 responses to “News & Events

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Have fun at Chancey’s. They always have some great beer on tap!

  2. The Libeerian?? Best name ever! Why didn’t you think of that?

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