April 2nd

Let the BBQ season commence! Easter Friday was an afternoon of grilled meats, beer and my concrete backyard. The fact that my grill was being finicky did not deter my friends and I, though steamed hams may have been a more appropriate name for the burgers. I started off the afternoon with a couple of cans of Denison’s Weissbier, probably the highest rated beer from Ontario that you will find on Ratebeer or Beer Advocate. Wheat beers are not one of my preferred beer styles, partially because my palate cannot distinguish the tiny differences between good and excellent wheat beers. Denison’s did have more yeast esters than I am used to, which helped calmed the banana and bubble gum sweetness. It was also the first time that I successfully poured out the yeast so that it rested on top of the head, so yay for me.

The weather had started to cool as the sun started moving to the front of the house and my desire for some bitterness led me to opening a Grand River Russian Gun Imperial Stout. Man, did it hit the spot. This bottle had lots of espresso flavours, some dark chocolate at the end and a big, bitter finish. It’s going to be hard, but leaving my other bottles rest for another month or so should really let them come together.

And because I can’t let beer go to waste, I finished off the end of a bomber of Rogue Brutal Bitter. With strong peach and grapefruit flavours followed by some modest bitterness, this is a great drink for warmer weather.

Denison’s Weissbier on Ratebeer

Grand River Russian Gun Imperial Stout on Ratebeer

Rogue Brutal Bitter on Ratebeer

Today: 1.7L. Year-to-date: 82.69L.

And how does a beer geek prepare for having friends over for an afternoon BBQ? Well, I simply stacked the fridge with beer that was flavourful but had a light enough body so it wouldn’t shock them. Other than what was mentioned above, I had some Beau’s Lug Tread, Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion, Muskoka Hefeweissbier and Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale. I just let people raid the fridge and take whatever they wanted, answering questions when they had them. And yes, the Russian Gun was hidden at the back of the fridge, just for me.


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