April 4th

Unfortunately, live-blogging doesn’t work too well in the beer world. I’ve never seen it attempted, but it sounds boring and rather pointless. Do you need to know when I’m smelling the beer and when I’ve had my first taste? If so, just read a paragraph, then hit refresh. Same thing, really. While I am not live-blogging, this is being written as I enjoy a bottle of Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale on my porch. The sun is on my neck. The music of Sharon Jones is pouring out from my living room windows.

This bottle didn’t seem to be too affected by diacetyl at first, but it becoming more present as I continue to drink it. The beginning is a lot of that funky butterscotch sweetness, as well as some tropical fruit flavours, but the hops dominate most of the taste after that. Lots of pine and a mild bitterness, though not one that really lingers. This would probably be great if not for the odd mixture of sugar and hops. Just barely finished the bottle.

Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale on Ratebeer

Today: 650mL. Year-to-date: 83.7L.


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