News & Brews

Grab a cold one, pop the cap and read some bullets.

  • Mirella Amato of Beerology is hosting a six-part beer course at the Harbourfront Centre. Learn about beer history, food pairings, the best beer bars in the city and more. Starts Thursday, April 15th. $150.
  • Muskoka Brewery will be releasing a five-can taster pack that will add a Pilsner Light to their regular lineup (Cream Ale, Hefeweissbier, Dark Ale, Premium Lager). No ratings on the pilsner yet, but here’s hoping it is a nice session beer for summer. Available at the LCBO soon.
  • And an announcement that is both sad and exciting, Troy Burtch of Great Canadian Pubs & Beer is leaving his government job for a position with TAPS Media. This is obviously good news for the craft beer scene in general, but will be leaving a big gap in the Canadian beer blogosphere. Best of luck to Troy in his new venture. And look for the Spring issue of TAPS on newsstands soon.

2 responses to “News & Brews

  1. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the kind words. Rest assured, the blog will continue to run, though the frequency of posts may decrease over time. Keep an eye out on the TAPS website though as we’re putting it through some much needed changes.

    Continue your good work!


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