April 7th

Remember what I said yesterday about work taking me around the city? Well, the same held true on Wednesday and so I made a side-trip to the Great Lakes Brewery in south Etobicoke. (Never say I won’t go the extra mile in the name of beer. Great Lakes isn’t exactly convenient on public transit.) The purpose of my visit was to track down some bottles from their last Project X, a monthly event that never seems to be on a good night for me. They only had one kind left, the Great Lakes Wimpy Impy Imperial Stout (the Children’s librarian in me can’t help but think of Diary of a Wimpy Kid), but luckily I just happen to love imperial stouts. Soon I was back on a bus, the beer hunter in me satisfied.

Whenever you do a bit of extra leg work for a beer, it is hard not to drink it and ask, “Was it worth it?” As the saying goes, the journey is what matters. Regardless, this is one journey I’m glad I made. The Wimpy Impy is really a borderline imperial stout (6.5% ABV, but a mighty 80 International Bitterness Units) – maybe closer to a double stout (yup, I’m now inventing beer styles). It poured with a thick, cocoa-coloured head and a dense black hole of a body. There is a really nice dark chocolate beginning with a hint of espresso, but this beer is all about the bitterness. It is an overwhelming, almost choking bitterness, one that sucks every last ounce of moisture from your mouth. One that still lingers after mouthwash. Fantastic.

The next Project X will be on May 13th and I was told it would probably be an East meets West theme, playing on the Indian and Jamaican heritage of the two brewers.

Great Lakes Wimpy Impy Imperial Stout on Ratebeer

Today: 550mL. Year-to-date: 84.8L.


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