April 9th

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts this week, it should be no surprise that I found myself in a strange, unfamiliar territory due to work. This time it was the Danforth, a couple of blocks away from The Only Cafe, one of those places that I’d always heard about but never been to. The Only has a good rep for Belgian beers, so I gave a quick scan to their fridge and picked out a Floreffe Double. I really liked the aroma, which matched dark fruits with a funky tartness. The taste was heavy on cherries, to that extent that it did not seem like I was drinking a dubbel, but half a dubbel mixed with half a kriek. Interesting for the first couple of sips, then just alright after that. Not as balanced as I would like, but it would work well as an introductory dubbel.

After much more time eying the beer fridge, my second choice was an Abbaye des Rocs Brune. Malt is the star of this beer, but more for complexity than sweetness. Figs, plums and port, combined with a dabble of bread and yeast, form the flavour profile of a beer that does everything right. Lots of complexity, the perfect finish that cleanses the palate and a medium body that doesn’t overwhelm anything else. Nothing stands out, but it is the whole package that makes for a great beer.

My time in The Only was too short, especially as there were many beers teasing me from their fridge. If Belgian ales are your thing, this is definitely a good place to go. Nice selection for a smaller place and great prices (the Belgian bottles averaged to be about $7 each). No food is served at night, though I heard a staff member say they allow people to bring in food. Didn’t get to check out the taps, but I heard Denison’s mentioned, so they presumably cover the local craft brewers. My one complaint is that the place is small. Sitting at the bar was not comfortable, as I either had no leg room or had people bumping into me. Get there early enough to grab a table.

Abbaye des Rocs Brune on Ratebeer

Floreffe Double on Ratebeer

Today: 660mL. Year-to-date: 85.8L.


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