April 11th

More Spring cleaning! Of course, this wasn’t actual cleaning but another night of getting rid bottles that have languished in my fridge for far too long. The Wellington Arkell Best Bitter was first up, paired with the saag paneer dinner I made. The beer was initially bought for a night of eating Indian food, so it was apropos to go out in the same fashion. There was little enjoyable about drinking this. Far too much caramel and grain, with a definite absence of hops. So glad it is gone.

And then a Mill Street Coffee Porter, my gateway craft beer. I still like drinking it, though trying to get through a six-pack is often a challenge, especially when you compare this to the Péché Mortels of the beer world that really amp up the coffee flavours and pack more bitterness. That Mill Street still puts this out in six-packs is a little surprising, seeing as it never gets the same amount of promotion as the Tankhouse, Organic Lager or Stock Ale do – presumably it must have a reliable staple of drinkers who buy this as their everyday beer. It does represent a rather quirky product, compared to the other Ontario craft products on LCBO shelves.

Mill Street Coffee Porter on Ratebeer

Wellington Arkell Best Bitter on Ratebeer

Today: 680mL. Year-to-date: 86.79L.


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